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Black Teas
Almond Amaretto Black Tea. A hint of the bottled liquer in a cup.
Price per infused cup is about 40 cents (20 cents with 2 steepings)
$15.00 Price Details
A seductive blend of Sri Lankan black tea flavored with peaches and apricots
Poetry in porcelain. A seductive blend of Sri Lanka black tea, peaches & apricots.
$15.00 Price Details
Mango Papaya Bird of Paradise Black Tea
Looking for bold, tropical flavors blended with black tea? Let our Bird of Paradise entice your palate.
$15.00 Price Details

Black Currant Tea-Loose Leaf
Classic Black Current Flavor—Just like Fine Jam
$15.00 Price Details
Luscious Coconut Black Tea Flavored with Strawberry & Kiwi
Delicious Coconut Black Tea Blended with Strawberry & Kiwi
$15.00 Price Details
Caramel Pecan Pie flavored black tea
Fresh out-of-the-oven pecan pie flavored black tea
$15.00 Price Details

Ceylon Orange Pekoe Black Tea--the perfect breakfast tea & oh-so popular!
Aromatic & delightful with milk!
$15.00 Price Details
Premium Ceylon New Vithanakande Black Tea.  Treat yourself to one of the world's finest black teas.
Treat your palate to some love with this sweet caramel taste.
$20.00 Price Details
Chocolate Caramel Turtle Black Tea.  A lip-smacking favorite black tea flavor.
Fine black tea loaded with chocolate and caramel flavors—a classic “turtle” taste.
$15.00 Price Details

Luscious Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Black Tea
Chocolate Lovers Delight—Here’s the Tea for You!
$15.00 Price Details
Darjeeling Autumnal--perfect for afternoon tea
Looking for tea that is delicious with scones, a tasty biscuit, and clotted cream?
$17.00 Price Details
Decaffeinated Earl Grey Black Tea.  Want a classic decaf tea?  This is it.
Undoubtedly the world's most recognized tea flavor.
$15.00 Price Details

Earl Grey Black Tea.  The world's most well-recognized black tea flavor.
Earl Grey Black Tea--A delicate balance of classic flavors. Great with lemon tarts.
$15.00 Price Details
Earl Grey Lavender.  Adding English lavender to traditional Earl Grey tea has created a delightful taste sensation.
An exquisite blend of fine Earl Grey tea and English lavender.
$15.00 Price Details
A classic blend of Sri Lanka black tea and bergamot in a convenient pyramid sachet form.
A Classic Blend of Sri Lanka Black Tea and Bergamot in a Convenient Pyramid Sachet
$15.00 Price Details

Decaffeinated English Breakfast Black Tea.  The traditional English Breakfast blend of black tea without the caffeine.
Undoubtedly one of the world's most traditional teas. Enjoy English Breakfast without the caffeine.
$15.00 Price Details
Traditional English Breakfast Black Tea, perfect with a hearty breakfast.
Traditional honey-like aroma & smoky flavor
$15.00 Price Details
French Caramel Creme Brule Flavored Black Tea.  A raving-favorite flavor.  An elegant dessert aroma and taste in a cup.
Transform your tea time to a world of charming & romantic desserts.
$15.00 Price Details

French Earl Grey with Roses--a classy twist on classic Earl Grey
French Earl Grey Tea--A classy twist on the traditional Earl Grey black tea
$15.00 Price Details
Apricot, peach & brandy flavored black tea
Peach, apricot and brandy flavors—yummy!
$15.00 Price Details
5 one-gallon iced teabags-Apricot
It's Iced Tea Time Again!
$12.00 Price Details

Make a gallon of iced tea the easy way--1 gallon teabag--Black Currant Flavor
Enjoy the hot weather with delicious iced tea
$12.00 Price Details
I gallon black teabag for iced tea
Make your favorite iced tea the easy way!
$12.00 Price Details
Large 1-gallon iced teabag
It's Summer--Time for Gallons of Iced Tea
$12.00 Price Details

Large Iced Teabag--Makes 1 Gallon of Delicious Iced Tea
Peach Iced Tea by the Gallon
$12.00 Price Details
Raspberry flavored iced teabag--makes 1 gallon
Big Iced Teabags--8 Different Flavors
$12.00 Price Details
Large Tropical Flavored Iced Teabag--Makes 1 Gallon
Tropical Iced Tea--Big Bag Makes 1 Gallon in Minutes
$12.00 Price Details

Summer's on its way.  This is the perfect tea blend for iced tea-won't cloud & tastes fantastic.
Richard Blechynden, an English tea planter is credited with popularizing iced the rest of the story in Cha's blog (click on Tea Knowledge).
$15.00 Price Details
Indian Chai Tea--spicy & perfect with milk & sugar
Spicy and oh-so-perfect with milk and sugar
$15.00 Price Details
Irish Blend Black Tea.  Bold and powerful, exuding memories of the Emerald Isle
Bold and powerful, exuding memories of the Emerald Isle
$15.00 Price Details

Flavored with orange blossoms, red sandalwood, elderberry & passionfruit-Decaffeinated Jolly Gloriana Black Tea
A passionate and whimsical blend of fine congou black teas and fruit.
$15.00 Price Details
Looking for a tea that pairs well with chocolates?  This Keemun Mao Feng Imperial is just the thing.
Looking for a tea that pairs well with chocolates? This Keemun is just the thing.
$15.00 Price Details
King’s Golden Monkey Black Tea. Rich honey flavor in a premium black tea.
Rare, Rich Honey-flavored Black Tea from China
$19.00 Price Details

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea—Smoky oak aroma
Charred piney-oak aroma. Superior smoky black tea
$15.00 Price Details
Litchi Black Tea. Delicate and fruity Litchi flavored black tea
Fine Guangdong black tea infused with the essence of litchi fruit — full-bodied and fruity.
$15.00 Price Details
Lover's Leap Estate Black Tea--a delightful Orange Pekoe from Sri Lanka
Smooth, rich & full-bodied Orange Pekoe Black Tea
$15.00 Price Details

Mango Black Tea--great both hot & iced
Both art and adventure. Mango Black Tea is delicious over ice.
$15.00 Price Details
Premium Darjeeling Black Tea
Superb fragrance and true muscat flavor
$16.00 Price Details
Masala Chai Tea--spicy & delightful
Spicy, passionate and invigorating!
$15.00 Price Details

Morningstar Black Tea Pyramid Sachets.  A traditional black tea in convenient sachets.
Love at first sip--black tea--the perfect complement to chocolate.
$15.00 Price Details
Nilgiri Black Tea--a rare and excellent black tea
Nilgiri Frost Black Tea—Very quantity available.
$17.00 Price Details
Tasty Orange Added to Premium Black Tea—Yummy!
Tea that tastes like freshly-picked oranges!!
$15.00 Price Details

Orange et Epice Black Tea Pyramid Sachets.  Delicious and convenient
Orange & Spice Black Tea Pyramid Sachets--Delicious & convenient
$15.00 Price Details
Bourbon Flavored Black Tea
Bourbon Tea!! Who Knew?
$14.00 Price Details
Papa’s Recipe Bourbon Black Tea Pyramid Sachets
Put your feet up and savor this heady brew
$15.00 Price Details

Passion Fruit Black Tea—Refreshing Both Hot & Iced
Perfect Passion Fruit Flavor
$15.00 Price Details
Yummy Summer Time Peach Black Tea
Sweet, summer time peaches and premium black tea—oh, my!!
$15.00 Price Details
Heavenly Peach Vanilla Black Tea
Rich indulgent taste of vanilla and peach—heavenly!
$15.00 Price Details

Plum Pear Black Tea, great both hot and iced.
Looking for a tea that is delicious both hot and iced? Plum Pear Black Tea tops the list.
$15.00 Price Details
Pomegranate Parfait Black Tea.  Just as yummy as its name-sake.
Looking for a unique, mouth-watering flavor? Pomegranate Parfait combines black tea with yummy, healthy pomegranate.
$15.00 Price Details
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